My mission: To empower others to gain a new perspective on a familiar experience.

This has been my personal mission statement for many years. Whether it's yoga, photography, or blogging, I want you to see something in a whole new way. In my photos I love creating the story I see and sharing it with others.

Erin's Story

After having my son, Kollin, we had family photos done. I was obsessed with them. I'm not sure if it was because it was my brand new baby or the fact that our family photographer, Laura Watson, captured our little family in a way that spoke to me, but I was inspired. So, I asked for a camera for Christmas!

I began taking small online classes about photography and software, and have done a few mentoring classes now. After having my second child, Charlotte, I upgraded my camera and have really cultivated the hobby of photographing my family. I'm self taught through trial and error, which is basically how I live my live anyway. I learn best from taking action and doing. 

After sharing my photos on my blog and on my social media pages, my friends started taking interest and this past year I was able to shoot everything from head shots, yoga classes, family pics and more! I'm excited to branch out and offer photography services to everyone now. 


Photo by Laura Watson Photography

I think it is so important to capture memories. They are snapshots of minor and major life's moments. How many times have you gone back and looked at a picture and completely forgotten about that very second? A photo brings everything back to life, the moment, the feelings of emotions you had, and even the smells around you.

I think that is why photography has become so important to me, because capturing my family's each moment creates a way to solidify each moment in time.